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  • Professional Day Trader Mentorship Program

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    In an industry where power and influence are measured in dollars and cents, this is our most exclusive division in the firm. It has one name and no board of directors but has a roster drawn from the most successful traders. Members essentially become their own one-person firm, trading in a slew o...

  • Black Box Day Trade Setup Types

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    Team Day Trader "Black Box - Day Trade Setup Types"

    As we all should know, the financial markets are a great example of a complex system – or a system featuring many interacting components whose aggregate activity is nonlinear. In other words, there is no supercomputer in the world powerful enou...

  • Black Box Bonus Pack

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    What You Will Learn & Get From The Black Box Bonus Pack:

    Secret #1: Jason's Personal Trader Mind Map
    Secret #2: Jason's Personal Full Trader Worksheet
    Secret #3: Team Day Trader's Chart Pattern Cheat Sheet
    Secret #4: Team Day Trader's 10 Laws of Day Trading
    Secret #5: Team Day Trader's 10 Laws o...

  • Jason Pries Market Profile Chartbook

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    Jason Pries entire personal Market Profile & Order Flow Sierra Chartbook. Today for the first time Jason is sharing his personal Market Profile & Order Flow Sierra Chartbook with you! Jason wants you to STOP losing money in the stock market once & for all. Now how would you like to start understa...