Legacy | Wealth | Preservation

Legacy | Wealth | Preservation

Our Legacy, Wealth, Preservation series is where we explore, from first principles, timeless investment wisdom that will help you maximize your long-term success.

In an expansive sequence of focused lessons from goal setting, through the full investment opportunity set to universal rules for portfolio construction and advanced alpha generation, our aim is to offer you a generalizable and coherent investment framework to revolutionize your approach to wealth creation and conservation. For many, the lessons in this series have the potential to change the way you approach the complex arena of investing altogether.

So hopefully your journey begins here…

And our investors have a legacy of educating clients differently. It’s a more personal approach that goes far beyond an investment portfolio. It’s an ongoing and open dialogue about all aspects of your life, your goals and your financial vision. And it’s developing a long-term relationship built on understanding and trust. Our investors are there for you throughout the strategizing and investing process, giving you objective and unbiased education along the way. There’s an advantage to working with our firm who knows you – and your financial goals.

Legacy | Wealth | Preservation
  • Chapter 1 - Super Forecasting

    How we can explain why forecasting is hard and how systematic thinking can help close the gap…

    Points of discussion:
    • Philip Tetlock’s qualities of Superforecasting
    • Improving predictions by regularly updating data
    • The Brier Score and why it really matters
    • Why larger sa...

  • Chapter 2 - Starting With A Process

    How we can often be prone to home country equity bias that leaves our portfolio inadequate...

    Points of discussion:
    • The importance of Global Asset Class Diversity
    • Ray Dalio and the “All Weather Portfolio”
    • Making portfolios resistant to inflation and growth shocks

  • Chapter 3 - Equilibrium

    How we can only produce true diversification if asset classes are held in proper equilibrium...

    Points of discussion:
    • The 60/40 portfolio and why it’s not diversified, or risk balanced at all
    • The advantages of Global Risk Parity Portfolios
    • How leverage helps to preserve dive...

  • Chapter 4 - Realigning Highly Diversified Portfolios

    How we can meet our funding obligations when traditional yields are so low...

    Points of discussion:
    • Rebalancing Premium to generate 3%-5% in excess returns
    • The Diversification Ratio and maximally diversified portfolios
    • The increased value of maximally diversified commodity s...

  • Chapter 5 - Achieving Target Returns

    How we can use the Sharpe Ratio and meet financial goals with a maximally diversified portfolio...

    Points of discussion:
    • Using leverage in a robust and diversified portfolio
    • Preserve diversification while achieving target returns
    • Credit is not a distinct asset class and does...

  • Chapter 6 - Raising The Stakes

    How we can add more bets to maximize diversity...

    Points of discussion:
    • Style Premium, Factors, Smart Beta
    • Efficient negative Sharpe ratios
    • Redemptions and “Noise Traders”

  • Chapter 7 - Tactical Alpha

    How we can move from Factor Beta to Alpha...

    Points of discussion:
    • Swensen, Yale and aligning incentives
    • The cycles of factor investing
    • Machine learning, the Bias/Variance trade off and Alpha
    • Ensembles
    • Sustainable Alpha through continuous Innovation

  • Chapter 8 - Liquidity Vanishes

    How we can manage for scenarios when liquidity evaporates...

    Points of discussion:
    • The mechanics of a Liquidity Shock
    • The Fed and the Long Volatility Gap
    • Diversification, Tail Hedge Protection and Theta Bleed
    • Dennis Rodman and the Long Vol Trade
    • Yield, Growth, ...

  • Chapter 9 - The Final Stage of Action

    How we can prepare for every investment scenario...

    Points of discussion:
    • Risk Parity and Futures Markets
    • Leverage and Value Diversification
    • Outsourcing Expertise
    • Integrating Asset Classes to Maximize Returns