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Watch Charting - OTHER CHART TYPES

Watch Charting - OTHER CHART TYPES

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  • Charting - PRICE SCALES

    Charts are the single most important resource for many day traders, because they provide high-level insights into the market’s psychology. At a glance, they can help evaluate whether a security is trending higher or lower, whether investors are confident or nervous, & what levels are being watche...

  • Technical Analysis - TECHNICAL vs FUN...

    Technical analysis forms the foundation of day trading, by providing a framework for predicting future price movements through the statistical analysis of the past. While it’s not the Holy Grail, technical analysis can improve the odds of success when trading.

    Fundamental analysis values a sec...

  • Stop Placement Basics

    Jason's stop placement education & much more... So, Jump-Start Your Day Trading Education Today!

    Ever feel confused, frustrated, overwhelmed, & overloaded when it comes to trading… Sick & tired of losing money on worthless strategies promising to make you millions without even lifting a finger...