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Watch this video and more on Pries Capital Market Research

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Up Next in Pries Capital Macroeconomic Framework

  • Bottom-Up Economic Environment

    Pries Capital’s Bottom-Up Economic Environment

    Points of discussion:
    • Bottom-Up processing is a form of information processing.
    • A Bottom-Up process has the advantage of being more unprejudiced and the outcome can discover new critical factors from the economic environment.
    • Our Bottom-Up app...

  • Sharpe Ratio

    Pries Capital’s Sharpe Ratio

    Points of discussion:
    • The Sharpe Ratio is used to help investors understand the return of an investment compared to its risk.
    • The ratio is the average return earned more than the risk-free rate per unit of volatility or total risk.
    • Generally, the greater the va...

  • Dispersion

    Pries Capital’s Dispersion Model

    Points of discussion:
    • Dispersion refers to the range of potential outcomes of investments based on historical volatility or returns.
    • Dispersion can be measured using alpha and beta, which measure risk-adjusted returns and returns relative to a benchmark index...